Monday, May 2, 2011

Best of Advisory 2010-2011

As the school year comes to a close it is always a good time to reflect on the lessons we've taught. Advisory has been a wonderful way  for us to get to know our students better and for them to get to know each other.
Below are some  advisory ideas from colleagues that they have found to be successful.

Submitted by Marcy Tretler
I have used activities from a book borrowed from the library called A Treasure Chest A Teacher Advisory Source Book.  One that the kids seemed to respond to was a story called "Duck's Best Friends". In it, the class teases a boy because he is clumsy and constantly falls. They find out he is seriously ill and will not be returning to school. The  class is upset with their own behavior. We talked about what you can learn from this story.

Submitted by Margo Christopher and Katie Pearce (there is also a prior post)
You Tube-Kid and Marshmallow Test
Here is brief description.
In this YouTube, a child is given a marshmallow on a plate and told to sit in a room. Before leaving, an adult tells the child he can eat the marshmallow now or wait until the adult comes back and get two marshmallows. It is quite cute to see how these children react. Discussions about instant gratification, patience, as well as cheating can be initiated from this Youtube.

Submitted by Ellen Goltzer

Activity #1 - Something About Me - Silly Putty StyleWhen Advisory started in the beginning of the school year, I brought in a silly putty for each student. I asked them to create something that would describe them or something they liked to do. The kids really enjoyed it and I got to know something new about each student. Activity #2 - Let's Make The Pieces Fit?I wanted to incorporate the importance of teamwork so I brought in an old puzzle I had at home. It has oversized pieces and when completed it is 4' x 4'. Each student received 4 pieces and they had to work together to put the puzzle together on the floor. It was cool how they all assisted each other. Then we talked about the importance of teamwork.
I would be happy to lend out any of these materials if you are interested.

Submitted by Dee Elzer
In my advisory I used this youtube video about how photos taken with smart phones can be used to track down where the photo was taken. We discussed geo-tagging and how parents can track their children on google earth/maps. We also discussed how 'bad' people can get information about where they/the students hang out and live through their photos that are posted on sharing sites.
Great short video to spark conversation.

Submitted by Gina Cartolano

The link below takes you to the Rock or Feather activity that was posted in a prior blog post.

Another activity submitted by Gina involves having students choose solutions to social situations they may have to deal with. The link below will take you to the document called Advisory 4 Corners situations.

Submitted by Randi Falow
2 session Advisory activity

1. I brought in a voodoo doll that had pins and several messages on it. Some were positive messages like win money, some were negative like be prosecuted for tax fraud. I asked the kids, before passing the doll around the room, if they thought it would work. They all said no. They did, however, all want to poke the doll.

2. This discussion went on to include things you can do when you are angry that allow your feelings to come out, but don’t hurt anyone, anything, or anyone’s feelings. Everyone took a turn placing pins on the doll. This was deemed therapeutic.

3. I gave out slips of paper and told everyone to write something bad that they had said or done, something they wish they could take back. Names were NOT written on slips of paper. We placed all the papers in a bag and I shook the bag. I ripped up the bag and the contents and absolved everyone of what they had done. Tiny pieces of paper were recycled. We called for a “new beginning.”

4. The students were asked, “Is it ever right to wish that bad things happen others?” What about people like Qaddafi ? “ The group decided that it was ALWAYS wrong, no matter what, to wish bad things to happen to others.
We made paper fortune tellers with positive things you can wish others.
Susan Zucker did a great job showing the students how. Also, there are great instructions on youtube.

Submitted by Marissa Koch
My students really enjoyed Two Truths and One Lie. For this activity, they write three sentences about themselves, two that are true and one that is a lie, and the class has to guess which are the truths and which is the lie.

Submitted by John Lento
The Cup Game
Watch the youtube video with the students and follow the directions.

I had them do it individually at first.
Once they got it, they played in groups.
They had a lot of fun.  It was a good team-building activity.

Please don't be shy send your best ideas to be posted.