Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Conflict Resolution Scenarios

Conflict resolution scenarios

A. You and your best friend have always played soccer together on town and recreational
teams. You both try out for the travel team. You make it and your friend doesn't. At first
your friend claims not to care, but you soon realize your friend is very angry. Your friend
doesn't want to spend as much time together as you used to, and, of course, you have daily
practices and games your friend doesn't attend. What do you do?

B. Your friend tells you a secret in absolute confidence. You don't really mean to, but you tell
another friend. Soon the whole camp seems to know what your friend's secret is. Your
friend is really mad at you. Your other friends are also upset that you revealed the secret.
What do you do?

C.Your little sister (or brother) can be a real pain. Whenever you have friends over, she wants
to do everything with you. She annoys you by following you around, interrupting when
you're talking, and demanding a turn in everything you do. It is very hard to find some
privacy with your friends when she is around. What do you do?

D. You are invited to go to the mall with a new group of friends. You don't know them that
well, but are excited that they included you in their plans. When you go into a crowded
music store, you think you see one of them slip a CD into a pocket without paying. What do
you do?

Thank you to Garry Zweig for submitting this to our blog

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interesting Ways to get to know Students

After participating in a twitter chat for middle school teachers (#mschat)  I asked the moderator  for some advisory ideas and this is some of the feedback I got. It is great to have a network of people to count on and even better when they share great resources. Thanks again Todd!
Check out the link of 36 interesting ways to get to know your students. And join in the twitter chat on Thursday nights at 8:00pm. See you then.