Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is national Bullying Prevention Month

Since the start of this school year there have been at least 4 bullying related suicides in the news. That is 4 too many. With the last reports about the death of the Rutgers University student being the most publicized,   it has prompted me and several other staff members(thanks Maxine) to gather websites and materials to arm ourselves and teach our students about the damage that cyber-bullying can inflict. In a blog I read while compiling these links the author stated that we are in deep doo doo when our children think that what they are doing is "fun or funny"  and "not that big of a deal." It is our job to educate them and help them to understand that these acts are big deals and can do irreparable harm to others. Below are some links to information to begin our fight against bullying and its horrific effects.

Cruel's not Cool website

bullying guidelines for teachers from teaching

Information about the film Bullied (scroll down to watch Ellen's video)

Cyberbullying Research Center